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Tom MacSweeney’s Maritime Ireland

Ireland is an island nation, defined by its maritime history and development. MARITIME IRELAND brings you coverage of the relationship with the sea that surrounds this island nation.


The newsmakers of particular note are the team of  scientists, led by experts from the School of Natural Sciences at University of Galway, who made a discovery at Hook Head in Co.Wexford which pre-dates when Dionsaurs walked on Earth.


There is a huge amount of research being done in Irish waters. Marine scientists are busy on so many tasks that it is at times hard to keep abreast of all of it as it is of the regular conferences where the results are distilled. Are they effectively communicating their message to the public?


The December edition of MARITIME IRELAND is a programme of wide, diverse and comprehensive marine coverage, ranging from marine scientists to the experiences of the Master of a sea fisheries protection vessel, to sea shanties and a ‘writer-in-motion’ for traditional boats.

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